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Good morning, I have a question about the abbrevations LED and NtC. Thank you.
It is an english abbrevation for Light Emited Diode. Abbrevation NtC - NEWTON technology CONTROL – is our specialized workshop where all products are checked before sale.
I need to explain if the tube has to have a starter?
On the contrary, AC tube has not have any starter. If the starter stay on connected in the network then a destruction imped for LED AC tube. If you install AC tube in the original lighting with suppressor and starter you have to dismount the starter for the propper function. At the lightings with lihgting ballast it is necessary the lighting ballast totally disbar from the network.
Good morning, please explain to me what is better, matrix or LED?
It is not possible tu judge what LED systém is better. In term of quality all of our products are on the high level. Every products has its own foundation in its application.
What reduction in price do you have for wholesale? What does it mean Kanaba management?
Every of our registerd customers has individual reductin according to the genaral contract about purchase of our products. The reduction is subject to the yearly trade turnover.
Kanban management:
1/ it is an internal matter
2/ it is going out of the perfect processing of single components of the final product. Up to last screw, up to last stripping binder, up to packing etc.
I am iterested in your lightings for the offices in Liberec. Can you tell me what disadvantages has this lightening and if is it not dangerous for health? Thank you, Mr. Kovář
It is very difficult to speak about disadvantages of LED systems. On the contrary to the clasical light sources we can speak only about the advantages. They do not contain mercury and heavy metals. Not any UV radiation. Energy class A. Long life - up to 100 000 running hours. Potential disadvantage of the LED systems could be in oposit to the clasical ligting the higher purchase price. But it is relavant because the higher purchase price increases in value in dramatic saving within a very short time. Investment return is in view at intervals from one to three years just in energy saving.
Good morning, you write that the lifetime of your lightings is over 20 years. Do you kid ????
The lifetime of our products is as many as 100 000 hours, but we placed cca a half of the life time. But when I so consider that I burn on average for 5 hours every day (for example in a flat) then the lifetime is cca 27 years.
The price range of the products is relativly higher than at other firms. What about you afterwards?
This is not possible so explicitly assess. We can assess the same product, in the same quality and with the same technical parameters and lifetime. I assure you that our products are on the top technical level. In term of price we do not assess Mrcedes with Trabant but both of them are cars.
In Poland you can buy it dogcheap !!!
No comment. If you buy the LED systems with the same quality and lifetime in Poland I can only to recommend you to buy there.
You offer the lightings with the diferent luminance angle. What is the diference? Thank you.
The angle of the light dispersion determines the size of the illuminated area in a specified distance from the light source.
What chips do you use in lightings?
We use in our products the patent protected power chips. Where is not necessary so high luminance we use the SMD LED types.
What is the diference between AC and DC tubes? Bye!
AC tubes supply direct voltage 100 - 240 V AC, DC tubes are supplied by a small voltage as many as 48 V through the electronic feeder. Power supply voltage of the electronic feeder is again 100 – 240 V while maintaining the same luminance. The result from the above is that we achieve the full light flux of the single products, even with the better efficiency, already in power supply voltage 100 V AC.
Do I need a special power supply unit for lightings or can I use normal 220 V?
It is possible to connect all of our products to the voltage 100 – 240 V AC while maintaining the luminance.

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