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The largest supplier for wholesale stores focused on LED systems – LED lighting – LED tubes – industry LED lighting – LED bulbs

About company

The firm NEWTON - LED Technology Ltd. deals with production, distribution and sale of LED systems – lightings which are held as the most modern and most economy light sources in the world now.

Among our customers are ranked: producer of lamps to whom we deliver both complete lamps and components, design studios, kitchen producers, engineer´s offices. Further we make delivery to wholesale, retail, authority, construction companies, schools, halls, etc.

We offer high quality always tested and certificated LED tubes instead of linear fluorescent tubes in construction AC and DC, bulbs, comlete lighting systems with appropriate LED system with the bottom price on the Czech and Slovak market too with power saving as many as 89% of power, which are suitable for very often switch off and on, after switch on they light immediately for 100% and they are maintenance-free.

You can purchase our products only by a given quantity for the reason to make the price as low as possible and therefore we are focusing on the distribution of our products for the professional users who have the best experiences with our firm.

Time of delivery

The time of delivery is conditioned by the technical possibility of the production capacity especially due to reprogramming for the other product type, by Kanban management and by the quality control system in which all products are controled and checked.

Calculation of reduction of energy intensity

We calculate for you free of charge reduction of energy intensity for lighting in your firm, office, school by transition to the LED lighting. All of our light sources have the highest luminance at the rate of 1 Watt of power input and the high life time as many as 100x higher than the clasical light sources (e.g. bulb).

Benefits of LED lighting

Benefits of the LED lighting are the high eficiency – 95%. Useless heat is at the LED lighting max. 5% of absorbed energy. At the rate of the luminous flux (Lumen) for one Watt of power input, the products from our firm under trademark – LEDGLOW – step over the standards of other firms with the most optimal price for you.

10 x why to purchase at our company

  • 1. Quality
  • 2. Promtness
  • 3. Reliability
  • 4. Savings
  • 5. Communication
  • 6. Price
  • 7. EU certificates
  • 8. Technical support
  • 9. Tested products
  • 10. Experiences

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