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Welcome on the NEWTON – LED Technolgy firm web pages

LED systems, LED lightings

On our web pages you can find the newest and most modern LED systems – LED ligtings which are at the hihg quality in the possible lowest prices not only on our market but also in the whole EU. These arguments you can varify in our catalogue including prices (without VAT) for you.

The skilled customers eveluate not only the new technologies of our products but also the high luminance with the minimal power consumption.

Our prices and products are specified only for the customers who are interested in a cooperation with the sound firm for very advantageous conditions. All products are tested before distribution in one special test room which we have built for this purpose (NEWTON Technology CONTROL – NtC).

The advantages of the LED lighting

The greatest advantages of the LED lighting , if we leave aside the big energy saving, is its luminous intensity and that´s why to properly follow the number of Lumen (luminious intensity). The light output of the filament bulbs is on avarage 12Lm/1Watt, while our light sources – LEDGLOW – are reaching on avarage up to 150Lm/1Watt of free diffused and not rectificed lighting. We recomend you to check properly this value, if you purchase the goods at other firms.

We are very pleased to see your interest in advice and calculation of LED lighting on which you receive an answer from our special team on the info@ledglow.cz address from 8.00 - 18.00 Hours daily in the sequence of the incoming questions.

We will very care for you will become our new client and together with our firm you will step out into the LEDGLOW world.

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