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The largest supplier for wholesale stores focused on LED systems – LED lighting – LED tubes – industry LED lighting – LED bulbs

Business conditions

General conditions

Company NEWTON - LED Technology Ltd. (IdNo.: 45373868) makes deliveries and provides services and works to its customers within the range of valid catalogue further according to the pricelist and published prices on Internet www.ledglow.cz and related pages and according to the action or individual offers during personal dealings.

Ordering Goods

The customers can order the goods or services by electronic mail (E-mail) at objednavky@ledglov.cz address. Further in writing by mail, per telephone or personal.The customer has to exactly specify the type and the quantity of the goods or services according to the valid catalogue or a valid offer. In case the ordered goods is not in the offer the customer will be informed about the price and the time of delivery as soon as possible. The customer (except of the customers in retail sale) is obligated to state the ship-to- address in the order. The firm has to mention the exact name, IdNo., VAT Reg., e-mail, telephone, bank connection and the address of firm domicile if other than the ship- to- address.

Protection of personal data

All data you will put into the order is only instrumental for the right delivery of the ordered goods. According to the law of personal data protection 101/2001 Law. The data will be not treated in other way and will be not given to the third party.


Based on the registaration at the firm NEWTON- LED Technology Ltd. you will get the bonus for the offtake.

Order confirmation

The customer who will put his e-mail address into the order will receive via e-mail the information about the order registration, information about the order origin, information about the shipment including the box number. According to the box number you can follow the shipment (PPL, Czech Mail).

Cancellation of orders

The registered and confirmed order is posiblle to cancle max. within 4 working days.

Term performance

The term performance according to the delivery time listed at the single products.

Way of delivery

Individually according to the business contract.

Settlement of the offtake

The first two business cases in cash in terms of advance payment and supplementary payment, in next business cases it is possible an agreement for payment on an invoice with the day of payment. Payment for the taking goods or service is possible cash on receipt (retail, COD) or cashless transfer i.e. giro. Payment is possible to do in advance on the proforma invoice. To the regular customers we give supplier financing for the delivered goods or services with the agreed term of payment in the payment invoice. For such a case the Business contract should be closed. In case of non payment in the term of payment the NEWTON-LED Technology Ltd.takes the right to charge the penalty for the late payment in amount of 0,05% of the amount outstanding for every day of default of payment. The late payment could cause i.a. despatch block of other deliveries for the customer. NEWTON – LED Technology Ltd. carries not any resposibility in face of customer or third party for a result linked with the delivery delay by reason of nonperformance of specified term of payment. The goods remains the property of NEWTON – LED Technology Ltd. until full payment.


All products offered by NEWTON – LED Technology Ltd.company are produced in accordance with the valid regulations and with the valid technical standards. For every goods subject to the Law 22/97 was issued the Declaration Of Comformity.

Warranty period

Warranty period for every goods is 60 months. The claim conditions abide by „The Complaits regulations“. Claim of the goods modified according to the wish of consumer is abided with the § 53, subsection 8, the Civil Code.

Return of the goods

By the so-called „ physicaly non-contact way of delivery“ we act upon the 367/2000 Law. In this way delivered goods you can give back in the original case, unused and complete within 14 days on receipt.


The customer expresses his assent with this business conditions after issue the order or after the signature of the business contract for the delivery of the goods by NEWTON – LED Technoly Ltd.firm. The exceptions to the business conditions is necessary to negotiate with NEWTON – LED technology Ltd.company in advance.

NEWTON - LED Technology Ltd. performs by course of law of waste management act No. 185/2001 Law the liquidation of electro-waste through REMA company. The return taking of the goods and packings performs by course of 477/2001Law through Eko-kom company.

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