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The largest supplier for wholesale stores focused on LED systems – LED lighting – LED tubes – industry LED lighting – LED bulbs

We prepare for you

We offer to you to see our products which are in the test stage now and then will be prepared to purchase. If you have any question about the innovations – LEDGLOW – on the world market please do not hesitate and contact us on info@ledglow.cz.

At this time you have the possibility to order the goods, the term of delivery will be given to you by our emplyee (e-mail: pospisil@ledglow.cz) and you can get also the information about the price.

Be every time guaranteed the first – with the newest products on the market and welcome in the world of the newest technologies LEDGLOW.

If you are interested in any product in this catagory do not hesitate to contact us on info@ledglow.cz.

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